Forte Sound

I am first and foremost an artist that is passionate about his craft.

more about me

With over 40 years of experience, I am an independent audio engineer based in Montreal. Originally from New York City, I honed my craft mixing live music in the city's club scene. As an in-house engineer and FOH engineer for popular R&B, rock, and progressive rock bands, I gained recognition for my work and was eventually drafted into service as FOH engineer for Atlantic Records recording artist "Change" by their tour manager in 1982. It was during this time that I also had the opportunity to work with Mic Murphy, the future front man and co-founder of the pioneering techno dance group "The System."

My favorite type of bands to mix are ones that most passionate about their front of house sound. I am always interested in expanding my client base, working with management, musicians, and sound companies who could benefit from my unique combination of experience, expertise, and equipment.

I am a fluent English and Spanish speaker with USA citizenship and permanent residency in Canada, allowing me to work freely in both countries without the need for permits or paperwork. Currently, I am active in international touring both with or without my personal FOH gear.

Regardless of the equipment used, I am first and foremost an artist who is passionate about my craft and committed to bringing out the best in every performance and providing the audience with the best listening experience. With experience mixing power rock trios to classic and contemporary jazz backed by full symphony orchestras to musical theater productions, I am comfortable with all types of music.