Forte Sound

In short, "it's not what ya got, it's what you do with it". 

In fact, less experienced engineers with the latest plug-ins and technology often produce poorer results than more experienced and creative engineers using less. The intelligent and efficient design of the system is of equal importance. Therefore, I maintain all my equipment impeccably and design it for fast and easy deployment to deliver maximum performance with the smallest FOH footprint. One of my systems was featured in an article in ProSound News regarding the 2014 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

The rate of technological innovation in professional audio has been moving at a blistering pace and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. However, the creative implementation and use of that technology will always be more important than the actual technology used. The latest technology will only perform to the level of the operator running it.

technical expertise

technology vs implementation

Although small FOH footprints have many benefits, some corporate clients demand that the mix position be virtually invisible to their guests. This has created a demand for audio engineers who can mix a show entirely by remote control with no fixed install at FOH. I have over 15 years of experience mixing wirelessly on computers and tablets, and both my systems have integrated Wi-Fi and full wireless remote-control capability


Now, more than ever, size matters!