​​About me

I am an independent audio engineer based in Montreal with over 40 years of experience audio engineering. Specializing in providing ultra-compact, high-performance, digital audio mixing and recording equipment for live musical / corporate events and concert tours. 

Successful shows are directly proportional to the planning and preparation that goes into them. To ensure that I always show up prepared and ready to hit the ground running, all of my shows are designed and programmed ahead of time. 


As an early adopter of digital console technology in the mid-90s, I'm always on the lookout for a better mouse trap and newer, better ways of working. That's why I've adopted the Mackie DL32R wireless mixer as my ultra-compact mixing solution for corporate shows and fly dates where FOH mix positions are unavailable

Forte Sound

 I don't believe in "figuring it out on the fly". 





Since 1977, I have cultivated a hard-earned reputation for excellence in providing smart, sensible and affordable sound solutions.

Forte Sound was created in New York City in 1979 to provide clients with the highest quality sound engineering services for the best value. Over the past four decades, I have earned a reputation for consistent, outstanding performance and reliability, making me a regular fixture on the Montreal corporate scene. My reputation for excellence has led me to work with artists, event planners, and production companies looking for reliable, top quality sound engineering services.